It’s been a while since I wrote my last blogpost… In the meantime happened quite a lot including some ups and downs (apparently more downs than ups).

Short summary and mimimimimi

Back to December 2017 we got the information, that the Austria Climbing Team will get new trainers which will replace our “old” ones. I think it was a tough information for us all, cause we’ve been working with Martin and Ingo for several years. I couldn’t quite decide for one of the new trainers, so I tried to do my own training according to some old training plans. On 1st Feb I got my wisdom teeth out – 1 week break plus an additional week because a stitching split + 2 weeks of antibiotics #lovely
Well, after those 2 weeks I started with the training again, felt pretty weak and somehow I couldn’t build up more power. I competed at Studio Blocmaster in March then, just for fun and training. The result was much better than expected, which gave me new motivation and self confidence. After Studiobloc I got a really persistent cold for 3 weeks. Some days I felt healthy and trained, the other day I had to stay in bed cause I felt really ill. Means 3 weeks of no real training and trying to get my body back to fully health.
Yeah, seems like comp preps went pretty chill 😛


I surprisingly got the opportunity to competing in Meiringen then, due to Annas injury. Although I wasn’t in shape I decided to compete and gather some world cup experience again after my one year break.

Meiringen (c) Heiko Wilhelm


Then the long awaited 2 week trip to Asia was around the corner. Chongqing was the first stage. In my opinion it’s a “must” for me to get into semis in China, because so many good competitors are missing. I really liked the boulders in qualification, unfortunately I fell 3 times at the top move of one boulder which cost me the semis. I was really disappointed after that comp, cause I badly wanted to climb the next round and I knew I could stick this top move.

Chongqing B1 (c) Liu Forrest

A week later in Tai’an: next chance! I collected some WC points in Chongqing, which improved my start number 😀 The boulders in Qualification were also pretty cool, although the holds were a bit old school. Missed Semis again. YAY. I couldn’t top the first boulder, and had no idea of the first move from B3.
I wasn’t that disappointed after qualification like in Chongqing, cause I gave everything and couldn’t do better.

waiting for action (c) Liu Forrest

What now

I think my season is over now. I won’t compete in Vail and Tokyo. Gonna go to Rocklands again in June/July and afterwards I’ll spend my time outdoors to get my head free and to get ready for some hard training again. 2019 should def be a better one!