It was quiet for a long time on my blog and I also didn’t write much posts during the whole last year. I’m not sure if you recognized the struggle with injuries I had in 2017, but I think I moaned enough about it on Instagram 😛 #mimimimimimi


Let’s go a year back. On 6th January I returned from my 2 week trip from Ticino and started the training for the upcoming Worldcup season. I already had some pain in my right knee, but after the warm-up it wasn’t there anymore, so I didn’t worry to much about it. Then we had the  annual training camp in Font for a week. Of course I couldn’t resist doing highballs and that stuff. My knee(s) were not amused. After the trip the pain got so bad I couldn’t do any heel hooks anymore and holding the tension on steeper walls was also impossible. Oh, and my left knee also started hurting. Well, amazing.

While doing a lot of PT I also campused a lot because I couldn’t use my feet to climb. On very bad days even walking was painful as fuck. Due to too much no-footing 2 pulleys started to hurt – of course, what next? I think I took a one week break then to recover a bit.

When my knees felt a bit better, I started bouldering again and immediately tore the bending strain on my right pointer. Urghhhhhhhhh. Why? Why me again? I couldn’t believe that. And as you all know, torn things need a lot of time to heal, I think mine took 2-3 months till I could hold all different kinds of holds again.

Ok, no heel-hooking, no crimping. Maybe I should start playing chess instead of climbing…

In July I had my first outdoor session where I had no injuries (yes, indeed!). But don’t be pleased too early…
I had a left toe in during a climb and suddenly my right hold broke out. I got a big swing to the left, missed the pads (of course) and landed next to a stone on the ground. At least I didn’t hit the stone. I didn’t feel like I hurt myself with that fall of 2.5 m so I continued climbing. But when I came home in the evening and wanted to step out of the car I recognized that I could barely walk and that I couldn’t lift my left foot. After going for a MRT the doc told me that I have some injuries around my hip.  I got a climbing prohibition from my PT hahaha, but like all of us climbers, we somehow have to climb. That’s why I competed in a comp in Erlangen 1 week later :P.  If I made too big steps even walking was painful, biking wasn’t possible and going to the gym for some leg days was impossible for months, because I couldn’t squat.

where the right hold broke and I got a nice swing to the left
pic by (c) Claudia Ziegler

Yeah when I started bouldering again my shoulder started to hurt (starts to hurt every now and then since 2 years). I was so fed up that I decided to make a 3 week climbing break in the end of July. I made some city trips and drove to the sea where I tried to recover from all the shit that happened so far. I didn’t even miss climbing in those 3 weeks… Back from my spontaneous holiday I did lots of sport climbing. Why? Because I was afraid of bouldering and of hurting myself again.

Well and since then I remained injury free! Sometimes those big breaks really help to recover your body and feel fine again.

holiday. sea. Italy.


Of course you think about stopping with your sport while all those injuries. If you feel 80% fine and getting fitter again after being injured you’re so glad and motivated. Then just in the twinkling of an eye the next pain is here and you’re down. I had about 4 or 5 of those “downs” in 2017 and sometimes I wasn’t sure if I will get my motivation back for the fight back.

I can’t give you an answer what motivated me again and again to get back to training and forget those injuries. Maybe because I really want to compete in worldcups again or because I would have too much leisure time without climbing. I’m sure my parents and friends were also a big factor to get the psyche back because they were always here for me and supported me wherever they could.


As you already read some lines above I plan to do the whole WC circuit in 2018. Unfortunately it’s not my decision if I am allowed to do so, it will depend if I’m strong enough in the national comps. So meet you at the gym where I’ll spend most of my time at the moment 😉