As I already announced on my recent instagram post, I’ve visited the “Murgtal” in Swiss with the power machine Chris Rauch for 2 days. Katha Saurwein and Berit Schwaiger joined us to check out the area as well. And as you already read, I was unfortunately not really impressed by the area.

There are 8 sectors, and it’s only 2-2,5h from Innsbruck by car (which is quite nice). Another amazing thing are the surroundings and the hike-ins! Most time you can park the car next to the boulder and almost do the spotting out of the car 😛
There are some good looking lines, for example “Entlinge”, “The Shield 2.0” (the rock has Ticino quality), “Cosmic Chaos” and “Galette”. But they are all 8A or harder. Easier stuff isn’t really there which is that good. There was one 7C+/8A highball, called “Mooses” which is a really cool climb.


checking out “Mooses” before the send


“Cosmic Chaos” incl. Pad Chaos underneath
pic by Katha Saurwein

BUT (and there is a big but), the area is shabby and in a bad state. There are just too less climbers around, the blocs are often covered in moss and lichen. Due to that many blocs were wet and just looked unlikely to climb.

Due to the partly wrong online guidebook, we were looking for several boulders, but couldn’t find them. After some time I got really pissed of searching and not finding all the stuff in the forests. Also some of the easier ones (around 7B) were not climbable when you’re not 170cm tall. Even I had some troubles with far moves, and I’m pretty tall for a female boulderer. For example the “start jump” of “Cosmic Chaos” 8A: I was close to sticking it, but there were still some inches missing… And I’m not going to a new area to try the same startmove for 3 or 4 hours to stick it. Same thing with another 8A+ and 8B. But hey, maybe I’m not strong enough yet to stick it – I definitely won’t blame it on my heigth! If the dyno is in the middle of a boulder, OK. I can do at least some moves till I get there and have a training, but when I’m only doing the first move over and over it feels NOT like I’m doing anything and it’s boring for me.

‘Batman’ 7C lowball
pic by Chris Rauch

You can call me a pussy, but there was another nice highball (without a topout), which was around 7C. We tried it and saw, that there was a dyno to the top jug – at around 4-5 m height. Umm, yes. We were too scared of that move and the fall down onto the pads.

Others won’t be annoyed or afraid of things like that, but that’s my personal opinion of the area and the boulders. If the “Cosmic Chaos” bloc would be around Innsbruck I would definitely go back to finish it, cause the line is amazing. And if I get stronger, I might give “Galette” another go.

“Galette” incl. surroundings


the forest – or should I say the jungle?