Shitty weather, weekend, and you have to train and wanna meet up with some friends? Perfect situation for competing in another fun comp! I decided pretty spontaneously, that I will compete there, first of all to meet some friends of mine I haven’t seen for a long time and – of course – to have a good and fun training session too 🙂

The comp took place at the Boulderbar in Salzburg and started at noon. We had 4 hours to climb all 40 problems, which were in the range from really easy to pretty hard. After around 2 hours I was finished with 39 out of 40 problems. The motivation was a bit too low to shred my skin (and probably also my shoulders again) on that problem no. 19 😀

lots of spectators
(c) Claudia Ziegler

The gym was really crowded with 149 competitors from young to old. It reminded me on those unfamous “boulderjams” at the national comps, where you have to queue up till it’s your turn. Everybody got a ticksheet and had to tick the boulders by himself – no judges during the qualification round.

Later in the evening the finals started. 3 boulders with a 3+ time. That means you were allowed to finish your attempt, although the time was already over (like the former worldcup finals format). Adam Ondra showed up too and set a final boulder for each group. Of course were his boulders the hardest ones 😛
I flashed the first 2 and had a little fight at Adam’s no. 3, but in the end I also managed to top this one – and my top remained the only one.

final boulder no. 2
pic (c) Flo Bee

Yap, that was my Saturday 😉 I also enjoyed meeting people who follow me on Insta and came by to say “hi” or to make a picture 🙂

My next real competition is on 11th November at the Alpine Fair in Innsbruck, like every year in autumn. Come by, cheer and have fun – see u there.

observation time
(c) Claudia Ziegler


ever wondered how an isolation zone looks like? not really extraordinary haha
(c) Claudia Ziegler


(c) Claudia Ziegler