‘yaaaaay’ was my first thought when I heard that 2 new gyms opened recently in Vienna. I decided to make a short trip to test them. 2 days – 10 hours of sitting in the train 😛 Well, students have time I guess.


Where? Schlossgasse 8-10, 1050 Wien
Opening hours? 10am to 11pm

After arriving in Vienna I immediately drove to the Blockfabrik. I heard that this gym is a bit hipster-like and for the ‘cool kids’. When I came there they asked me if I need some borrowing climbing shoes 😛 I was quite amused about that, but no thanks, I prefer my own SCARPA Dragos hahaha.

The gym reminded me on the ‘Blochouse’ in Graz, maybe because of the mats or the changing rooms… I have no idea 😀

The wall itself is quite nice: steep and also slabs BUTTTTTTT…. there were way too less (hard) boulders and holds. The chief routesetter told me, that the rest of the holds will arrive in around 5 weeks, which is a pity.

If you like long endurance boulders, you’ll definitely have a lot of fun there and the crew is also cool (Y). After all the pics you can read my impressions about the Boulderbar 🙂

testing freshly set boulders

training area

huge campus area


Where? Gutheil-Schodel-Gasse 8
Opening Hours? 9am to 11pm

2nd day. 50 minutes with bus and underground to get there from the place I stayed. The positive thing is, that it’s very close to the ‘Wien Meidling’ train station, which made my home travel a bit easier. At first I wasn’t able to find the gym.. after walking a big extra round I finally made it hahaha

The boulderbar is slightly bigger than the Blockfabrik and has much more hard stuff and also holds 😉 Although I wasn’t really happy about the setting. I don’t know if I was just critical or there were really a lot of one-movers (especially 7B or harder). Due to many many volumes I smashed my skin and went upstairs to the Moonboard. The Moonboard is a special one: the wall and also the holds are always the same. That means that everybody can make up boulders and add them to the Moonboard-App. You download the App on your phone, connect the phone with the wall and start bouldering. You don’t have to know the holds of the boulder, because there are little lamps which light up when the hold is included in your selected problem 😉
It was the first time I tried some boulders on it, and I have to admit, that I like it pretty much. It’s a good training for outdoor bouldering due to far moves and little footholds 🙂

Unfortunately the campus area is really really tiny. There are a lot of different crimps, slopers and pinches but it’s just too low. No idea if it’s just a compromise or it was planned like that.