Boulderjam Innsbruck

Next weekend, next (fun) competition! After getting so wasted in Vienna last weekend during qualifications, I took the opportunity and competed at another boulderjam, to improve my endurance/strength – whatever hahahaha

On 17th/18th June the Austrian Lead and Speed Nationals took place in the new gym in Innsbruck, including a 2,5 hours Boulderjam for everybody who was keen for it.

Lead competition wall
(c) Austria Climbing

There were 45 boulders – from very easy to totally hard. In those 2,5h I had to climb 24 problems – they should be as hard as possible of course. It was hard to find some free spots on the wall, because there were pretty much people on it trying all those comp boulders. And it was so fucking hot. So everyone tried to climb in the shade – Karo climbed in the sun, where no one was 😛

After one hour I had only 7 boulders on my scorecard and I worried a bit, to complete the card.. After about 1,5 hours I started doing easier stuff to get all those 24 boulders done before time ran out. Afterwards I focused on one tricky purple boulder, where I was so close but just couldn’t finish it, although conditions got really good around 15 minutes before timeout.


I won the female category, but that was not the reason why I competed. It was an amazing trainingsession and I didn’t feel that wasted than the week before in Vienna, which was really cool. My skin was also still ok and I could have climbed still a bit longer.

The day after I felt really wasted and my muscles were so so so sore. But I had to train though… it was a pretty frustrating session 😛

The next comp where I’ll compete is the „Blockhelden“ competition in Erlangen on 15th July. I’m sure there will be many fit opponents and it’s gonna be a lot of fun. Will anybody of you be also there to cheer or to climb?


Teamcoach Heiko goofying around

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  1. Michael von Blücher

    Goin‘ to be in Erlangen with my girlfriend. But, on my side, only for having some ’serious‘ fun in the lower category. ? But be assured: Full support from our side! ?????

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