I spent the last weekend in Vienna – as you may have seen on my insta storys (@karo_sinnhuber). It was my 2nd time there, where I also saw a bit oft he city centre and not only the inside of different gyms. I shopped a lot, met friends which I see rarely and got lost a few times in the underground, but I definitely enjoyed my time there, although I’m pretty broke now.

But I wasn’t there just for shopping and hanging with friends, the main reason was the boulder fun-competition called „blockgfrasta“. The qualification for the finals took place in 4 different gyms in Austria: Boulderbar Salzburg, Boulderbar Vienna, Boulderama in Klagenfurt and the Bloc house in Graz. The routesetters set 99 different boulderproblems in each gym. I climbed for the Boulderbar in Salzburg and could finish 72 out of those 99 boulders in 3 sessions… 2 boulders were hidden or I was just too stupid to find them haha

The best 12 boys and girls of EACH gym were invited to the finals in Vienna, which took place on 10th June.

(c) Sebastian Wahlhuetter

I came with no expectations, because I knew that I’m not in a super shape due to 3 months of no „real“ training (read here why). I felt quite good and confident during the boulderjam qualification and could climb 11 out of 15 boulders. The athletes had to tick the climbed boulders by themselves in the qualification… I hope everyone ticked the right ones and no one cheated. Somehow (maybe due to the weird result-system?) I placed on the 6th rank and could take part in the finals.

I felt so wrecked after the qualification already, that I knew I won’t be able to show my best in finals. Yeah, it’s already quite a time ago since I attended a comp – around 8 or 9 months maybe?
The 6 female finalists were pretty strong, there were also 2 girls from Slovenia here. One oft hem was only 12 years old and already strong as fuck. Looks like Slovenia will get a new Janja Garnbret soon 😉 Unfortunately the boulders were way too hard, and no one of the girls could get a top haha. The results consisted of the bonus and the trys for a bonus.

The crowd was cool – I did never expect that so many people would show up for a fun competition.
The temps were hot – you should avoid Vienna during summer if you don’t like it 30 degrees or hotter hahahaha
The organisation wasn’t the best – delays and no proper informations about the timetable in advance

BUT it was definitely a good trainingsession and skin killer, and I loved the qualification boulders

I’m not sure if I will compete again next year, hopefully I’ll be in Vail for the Worldcup during this time next year 😉

resting in the 3rd final problem before things got serious (c) Sebastian Wahlhuetter