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Knees and Pulleys

I’m already sure that March definitely WON’T be my favorite month in 2016.. As I already reported you on Instagram and in my post about Fontainebleau, I’m having pretty much pain in the hollow of my knees. And if you thought, one knee is enough, you’re wrong. Since Bleau both hurt. I couldn’t do any heelhooks and when I came home it got worse and also hurt when I was walking, sitting or sleeping.

I had some appointments at different doctors, made a MRT and finally found an amazing physiotherapist in Salzburg where I have to go 3 times a week now to gain some muscles in my legs. The only problem is, that I have to drive 1h 20min ONE WAY. That means I’m sitting in the car for about 8h a week, which is a lot for me.
But it’s definitely worth the drive and my sore muscles. Have you ever had muscle ache in your calves for 6 days?? I had it, and it wasn’t funny at all 😀

After Bleau, my training only consisted of campusing and doing deadhangs. It was a lot of fun doing campus-boulders (my weakness) and seeing improvements quite fast. Then 2 pulleys started to hurt, yey. I tried to ignore them and just put tapes on, but the pain didn’t stop and got even worse. I had to decide, if I make a training-free week, or continue climbing – it was one week before the first national competition, which is 1 of 2 must-do-qualifications for the Worldcups. I took a break and missed the competition, but my fingers got better! To prevent my fingers from another damage, I switched to route climbing again, like I did a few months ago due to my shoulder injury.
The first sessions were hard, because I had absolutely no endurance hahaha. After 2-3 weeks, I’m already pretty satisfied again with my lead performances 😛 (And no, I won’t compete in the upcoming lead WC’s)

Last week I was could do several heel hooks again, with both legs. It seems, as if the hard training pays off, but the whole healing process will take longer than I expected…


improving my weakness

trying to satisfy my trainer… without success 😛

doing some lead climbing


The other must-do-competition is the “Studio Blocmaster” at Studio Bloc in Pfungstadt, Germany. The second competition I missed. Well, I missed the 2 qualifying comps for Meiringen, the first Worldcup in 2017, and I will definitely miss Meiringen which would be another qualification for the 3 Asia-WC’s. Seems if I won’t do a lot of comps this year.

And it’s OK for me. Even if I would be allowed to go to the Asia Worldcups, I won’t go. One reason is, that I’m not fit at all for the bouldering stuff at the moment and I don’t want to be in a hurry when getting my power back again. The other reason is, that it would really bring me down if I spend 3 weeks in Asia and never reach the Semis.

The main thing I’m concentrating on, is to get my knees free of pain again and to build muscles to prevent new injuries. I have been struggeling the whole last year with my shoulders and won’t struggle another year with my knees now. That’s definitely the most important thing in 2017.




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  1. Ruben Puebla

    Ahh I was so confused why I didn’t see you in the comps and this is perfect. Hope you’re healing up quickly, you’re one of my favorite watch at the world cups. Hope you’re crushing it again soon!

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