Every year in February or March, the Austria Climbing team makes a one-week-trip to Fontainebleau. My first and only visit there was two years ago for only 4 days due to an exam at university. Last year I had to skip because of illness, but this year I could spend the whole trip here.

We drove never ending 13 hours till we arrived.. maybe a Saturday with a lot of holiday-makers in their cars was not the best decision for our travel haha BUT we made it and our villa was really beautiful. The team consisted of around 20 people – so we rented 2 appartements: a big one for 12 and a smaller one for 8 people.

living room

bedroom (already with a mess)


The weather forecast was amazing – only one rainy day for the whole week, which was not typical for February in Bleau. But what’s also typical for Bleau, is, that the forecasts often change. And that’s what happened to us too: We spent only 3 days outside on the rocks, because it rained pretty much, and with all the fog the rocks couldn’t dry properly. During those rainy days we found some good plastic boulders at the ‚Karma‘, where Jacky Godoffe set some boulders for the competition simulation on Saturday with the French National Team. The walls at ‚Karma‘ are special, because they don’t have any friction! When you try to place your feet on it, you’ll definitely make a big slip hehe. They also use the ‚180’ Volumes, which are friction-free on some sides… another good possibility to make some uncontrollable slips/falls.



doing some worldcup boulders at ‚Karma‘

When the weather was fine, we went – of course – outdoors. We always tried to make some smaller groups, because nobody likes it, to share a boulder with 10 other climbers. Some of the boys were wondering why the boulder got harder and started to lose friction when 6 dudes were trying it nonstop 😀
I really enjoyed figuring out the perfect betas with the other girls, especially when trying highballs and slabs. Maybe because I barely boulder with girls outdoors 😛 It was also a different experience for me to do a lot of easier stuff and not to concentrate on one hard boulder all the time. Hopefully I can project a harder boulder next year though.

‚La fosse aux oreilles‘ 7B+
(c) Jessica Pilz


forgot the name 😛


‚La ligne blanche‘ 7B
(c) Georg Parma


Satan m’Habite 7B+
(c) Heiko Wilhelm

There was only one aspect, that ruined the trip a bit for me: my knees! Every now and then I recongnized, that my right knee hurt a bit when hooking. But after warming up I had no porblems anymore. 2 weeks ago my knee started to hurt really bad when I made heel hooks. Ok, I tried to avoid them, which was pretty hard. During the trip it got even worse (maybe because I made some hooks again?) and my left knee started to hurt too. Right now I can’t make any hooks, high steps where I sit on my knees and several other stuff which is imminant for climbing. A visit at the Doctor’s will tell me more.

what to do with hurting knees? improving my deadhang skills!