Like (nearly) every year there are some changes regarding the companies that support me with apparel, equipment, …
This year are some bigger modifications, only one sponsor remains – SoSolid and my beloved leggins hehe


Finally I got a climbing shoe sponsor! And no, it’s not 5.10 although I used to climb with those shoes for about 2 years now. But for me as a student it’s just not possible to buy all my climbing shoes by myself without support, they are too expensive and I need too much (or should I work on my foot technique?) 😛

During my Tessin trip many people said that the „Drago“ from SCARPA is so amazing, especially for toe and heel hooks. OKKKKK, Karo had to buy one to try it. With some water in the shoe I was finally able to put my foot in haha, now it fits perfectly 😉 Perfect feeling when making hooks and also on volumes/slabs. Well, the Drago really impressed me from the first time I climbed it!




A new german company called BOLDEST. rigs me with super cool basic tshirts and sweaters. I noticed the little company last year, before they launched their first products online. When the online shop opened, I ordered some stuff immediately and started a chat with them, because I didn’t want to pay those 10€ shipping costs hehehe 😀 That was the story of BOLDEST. and me hihi

My big package still remains lost somewhere between Germany and Austria 🙁 Hope the delivery dudes will find it soon hahaha



„Have you ever tried that amazing chalk that stays on your hands for ages?“ asked me a team athlete one day. I knew that he was speaking of FrictionLabs, THE chalk brand of the US and A. Everybody who used it, never uses ’normal‘ chalk again hehe.
I had to negotiate his question, because it wasn’t possible to buy FL chalk in Austria and when shipping from the US it costs tons of money – if you’re unlucky you even have to pay customs.
I asked FL for a chalk sample and somehow I was suddenly in the Pro Team. yeyyyy! Stoked about that collaboration, because chalk is something a climber always needs. You can never have enough of it hehe.