Time flew by in 2016. From April to mid July I spent about 18 days in Austria and around 100 hours in airplanes. Why? I did the whole Worldcup Circuit: Meiringen – Kazo – Chongqing – Navi Mumbai – Innsbruck – Vail (and in August Munich)
After Vail I spent one month in South Africa for some bouldering in the Rocklands. That trip was much ore successful than the one 2 years ago. Good to feel that training pays off 🙂 Then the training started again for the World Championships in Paris in September. Unfortunately I didn’t reach the peak for this important comp.. After Paris I had to take a climbing break, which really annoyed me because I had a lot of outdoor plans and the conditions were soooo good. After my break I started with easy lead climbing, to check if my shoulder feels better. After 2 more weeks of lead climbing I finally hit the boulders again 😀 I was really weak but after some weeks of hard training and a lot of doubts on my strength I finally had enough power to climb boulders in the 8th grade. In December I could send another 8B called „Heart shaped box sit“ in an unknown cave in the Weststeiermark.

A big ‚thank you‘ to my sponsors ‚Loopwear‘ and ‚SoSolid‘ for their support and my trainer Martin Hammerer for the hours of training we spent together and bringing me back on track!

i n j u r i e s
The year started with an injury from 2015 on my right shoulder, an inflammation. I had to take painkillers for months, to get rid of the pain and inflammation – during my visit in South Africa the pain suddenly stopped and I was able to climb without those pills 😀 But only 2 months later I got an inflammation of my left biceps string… just before the World Championships! Almost all movements hurt and I couldn’t do any dynos and dynamic stuff. Unfortunately I’m still battling with that one, but it’s getting better 🙂
All in all I can say, it wasn’t a pretty good year for me regarding injuries – the good thing is: it barely can get any worst next year 😉

thanks to Klaus Isele for the treatment in Kazo :-)

Thanks to Klaus Isele for the lovely treatment in Kazo 🙂


c o m p e t i t i o n  r e s u l t s
I can still remember my desperate thoughts after the first WC this year in Meiringen (SUI), where I was soooo bad on those slabs. When I remember right, the whole Austrian Team was totally distressed hahaha 3 rounds – same slabs – same holds – same style
As you know, I (we) train in the „Tivoli“ gym – and there are no slabs to train on. In Summer/Autumn 2017 the new huge gym opens and I’m sure we will get unbeatable on slabs 😉

Kazo was much better, I reached the Semis and ended up on the 18th place.

The highlight of the season was – of course – my first ever Worldcup finals in Chonqging, where I reached the 5th place. Hope to get that opportunity again in 2017, the feeling was amazing to climb a 3rd time.

In Innsbruck I missed Semis really close, Vail was good again. After Vail there were only 2 comps left: the WC in Munich in August and the Worlds in Paris in September. Both comps were pretty shitty for me, due to false training and then my injury. I learned from the mistakes and hope I can avoid them next season (Y)

I ended up on the 18th place in the Worldcup Ranking – 3 places better than in 2015. My goal for the next season is to compete in Semis in every comp. I hope it’s not a too unreachable goal 😉

Meiringen (c) Sytse van Slooten

Meiringen (c) Sytse van Slooten


Kazo with Anna and Berit ;-)

Kazo with Anna and Berit 😉


Chonqging (c) Sasha Onil

Chonqging (c) Sasha Onil


Navi Mumbai (c) Heiko Wilhelm

Navi Mumbai (c) Heiko Wilhelm


Innsbruck (c) KVÖ


Vail (c) Heiko Wilhelm

Vail (c) Heiko Wilhelm


Munich (c) Jakob Stute

Munich (c) Jakob Stute

Paris (c) Vladek Zumr

Paris (c) Vladek Zumr


o u t d o o r  
This season was the most successful yet!
3 8B: Fragile Steps, Skiroute Project, Heart shaped box sit
2 8A+: Nutsa, Tea with Elmarie
10 8A: The Hatchling, Pendragon, Right Hand of Darkness, …
and of course a lot of easier problems.

The year is not over yet, I’ll stay in Ticino for nearly 2 weeks after Xmas and over New Year’s Eve. That means I have a lot of time to send many hard boulders from my ticklist 😉
A big goal for 2017 would be sending an 8B+ and reaching the level where I can climb 8A+ pretty fast. Unfortunately I can’t fly to South Africa again, because during June/July are some WC’s. Any ideas where I can go in winter maybe? Albarracin, Joe’s Valley, Hueco, Indian Creek, … Leave me some comments 😀

Zillertal, Golden Roof 8A (c) Lorenz Ulmer

Zillertal, Golden Roof 8A
(c) Lorenz Ulmer


Rocklands, 'Fragile Steps' 8B (c) Harrison Buchanan

Rocklands, ‚Fragile Steps‘ 8B
(c) Harrison Buchanan


Rocklands, 'Pendragon' 8A (c) Berit Schwaiger

Rocklands, ‚Pendragon‘ 8A
(c) Berit Schwaiger


Silvretta, 'Sucker for Pain' 8A (project)

Silvretta, ‚Sucker for Pain‘ 8A (project)


Cave, 'Heart shaped box sit' 8B (c) Chris Rauch

Cave, ‚Heart shaped box sit‘ 8B
(c) Chris Rauch


Sherwood Forest, 'Moby Dick' 7B+ (c) Manuel Schof

Sherwood Forest, ‚Moby Dick‘ 7B+
(c) Manuel Schof


Rocklands, ‚The Hatchling‘ 8A
(c) Claudia Ziegler