Have you ever done some Deadhangs? No? You should definitely try to include them at least 2 times in your training scedule 😉

What are Deadhangs?

  1. You can either make it with 2 hands or just with one (and a little support for example with a scale or a “theraband”).
  2. You hang as long as you can! It would be clever to think about a time-goal, how long you would like to hang on the crimp – maybe 10 seconds? Or maybe only 5? – it’s your decision 🙂
  3. If it gets too easy, just put on a harnest with some weight 😉


What do you need for Deadhangs?

  1. Good music
  2. Hangboard (Beastmaker, Zlagboard, …)
  3. Timer (on your phone?)
  4. Scale or Theraband


Different kind of boards

There are portable boards, such as the “Problemsolver” or “Fingerschinder” or the usual fingerboards like “Beastmaker”, “Zlagboard”, “Revolverboard”


The Problemsolver (www.problemsolver.rocks)

Nearly solves all your problems. The only thing you need to find is a tree or something else, that is strong enough to hold the board (and you). It fits easily in every crashpad, you have no excuse NOT to take it to your project for warming up 😉
You can use the PS as a jug and 3 different kind of crimps. But to be honest, making deadhangs on it is really hard for me. I use it for warming up to save some skin 😉

Costs: 60 – 85€
Size: 38 x 10.5 x 2.4 cm
Weight: 420 g



The Fingerschinder (www.fingerschinder.com)

Is slightly bigger than the PS and has only crimps to hang on. 3 different kinds. The system is pretty easy – you can make the big crimp smaller with 2 wooden sticks, so it gets really hard to hold the crimp (for me).  But good training for some close crimp deadhangs 😉

There is another feature: you can choose between the “balancing” and the “normal” option. The normal option looks like the PS.

Costs: 99€ (including the 2 wooden sticks)
Size: 54 x 10 x 3.6 cm
Weight: 1kg

the 'wooden sticks'

the ‘wooden sticks’













The Beastmaker (www.beastmaker.co.uk)

I guess it’s the most popular board? There are 2 of them, the BM 1000 and 2000. The 1000 has better crimps, pockets and jugs – the 2000 doesn’t even have jugs haha 😉
I have the 2000 at home and normally use this one for Deadhangs. It has 3 kinds of slopers, several crimps and pockets.
You can download an app in your app store (2€)  that offers you training plans to strengthen your fingers – pretty hard those plans. Couldn’t finish the 7A program hahahah 😀

Costs: around 80€
Size: 58 x 16 x 16 cm


(c) www.beastmaker.glopal.com

BM 2000







The Zlagbaord (www.zlagboard.com)

Also a popular board, maybe you know the “Zlagboard Contest”? You can download an app that compares your hang time with all competitors worldwide. Funny concept, but yeah, might get boring after some time. The Zlagboard offers also jugs, different kinds of cimps, 2 monos and a sloper.
Also made some deadhangs on this one, but the edge of the crimps is not that nice for my fingers/skin.. it just hurts and I can’t tell why 🙁

Costs: 250 € (for the Pro Board)
Size: 70 x 16 x 6cm


The Revolverboard (www.antworks.at)

From an Austrian brand, yey! I think it’s the revolution of boards – when you install it on your wall (or ceiling) you can rotate it 360°. You can choose between sloper and crimps and make them as good or bad you need them 😉 perfect for a personalized training for a project!

Costs: 250€