I think the skin is one of the most important factors in a climber’s life. When it hurts, climbing isn’t fun and stuff anymore. When it’s too dry holds might get slippery and you get splits soon. So what’s the secret of the perfect skincare?

The first step is to figure out, which type of skin you have. Wether if it’s hard or soft, if you get hard skin easily, if your skin is sweaty etc.
My skin for example is very soft and I get hard skin very rarely.. 🙁 I often complain during trainings and outdoor sessions because of my skin and really thin fingertips. The worst thing is: as soon as there is no skin left, and the temperatures are not too low, my fingers are sweating the whole time. And how should my skin be able to grow when it’s always sweaty?! Well, there are some secrets! To get some dry skin again you could use a ventilator (or wind outside) for your fingers or – the easier method – just wash them with soap haha 😀 And don’t drink any hot beverages which might make you perspire again 😛

The second step: the different skincare products
Antihydral, ClimbOn, Climbskin, Manox, diverse other creams – I’ve tried them all…

Antihydral is perfect, when you really have no skin left and need hard skin – it stops the sweating 🙂 just put some of the white cream on your fingertips overnight and wash it off the next day (sometimes even the cream does not survive a night on my fingertips haha). Some climbers hate Antihydral, I’m one of them who couldn’t survive without it B-)


I tried ClimbOn years ago, but there is still some left 😛 it’s good for healing your skin, for example when you have splits. Due to the fact, I hardly ever have them, it didn’t find any use in my daily skincare routine…

Climbskin is similar to ClimbOn, with the difference, that it helps the skin to GROW. So it’s not only for healing 🙂 The skin absorbs it pretty fast, so you can apply it more often during the day without being limited for a long time. I know it’s hard not to use your phone during those 3 minutes 😛

Manox is a very new little company from Austria. They have 2 different kinds of creams: the first one absorbs really fast (REALLY!), the other one is ‘extra nurturing’ and does not absorb that fast. They are perfect when you have less skin left and you’re not sweating too much on your fingertips. I personally prefer the one which absorbs faster ;-). Because, you know, time is money – and students don’t have any 😛


Okay, and now I’ll tell you how I care for my skin. It’s actually pretty simple.
When I only have to train in the gym I use Antihydral everyday. Because I don’t grow so much skin and after every training session I leave the gym without any skin. (I know, some of you won’t/can’t understand haha). During the day I apply Climbskin or Manox when I remember to do it.

The thing looks a little different when I’m on a boulder trip for a (few) week(s). When I was in Rocklands this year I did the same routine than during gym-times. But due to the cooler conditions and wind my skin got too dry (yap, Antihydral..) and I got some really bad splits. Now I’m cleverer! Only a few times a week Antihydral, if possible before a restday. Then the skin really has time to recover and grow 🙂


I hope I helped you a little with my post, but I’m afraid everybody has to try which products fit to his skin. This takes time – sometimes pretty long.
And yes, I wrote this post with sweaty fingers 🙁

Fell free to leave a comment about your skincare products and routine 🙂 I’m always keen to try some new products 🙂


my lovely rocklands splits

(c) Manuel Schof

(c) Manuel Schof

(c) Bram Berkien, Adidas Rockstars

(c) Bram Berkien, Adidas Rockstars