The second week started with a sunny restday, which was also the day to leave the Alpha Farm. Lorenz arrived in the evening, Katha and Jorg arrived on the next day in the evening too.

Freaking Heights 6C

Freaking Heights 6C (c) Lorenz Ulmer

Berit and me were pretty unhappy with our new accomodation, because it was so far away from everything. Including a lot of dirtroad driving 🙁 It was pretty spooky in our house called „Wolfdrif“ – it was dark, we heard strange noises and also had a mouse in there, which was responsible for cleaning up the floor.
Finding a perfect soloution, where to go bouldering the next day, is pretty hard with many people. Everybody wants to go to another project in different sectors.. We went to the Fortress again, because everyone wanted to try the Vice. Not me. So I went to Fragile Steps again and with the help of Jorg I was able to figure out all the moves – my motivation for that boulder was back again!
Later we went to Amandala, with 6 pads and 3 spotters, to figure out the last move. Well, it’s far, hard and scary 😛 But the main problem is, to find people with pads to accompany and spot you.

Unfortunately Berit hurt her ankle when falling down (and missing the pad) from the top of „Tea with Elmarie“, so she flew home earlier than expected.

During the next session of Fragile Steps I found a better solution for the crux part; The moves felt all good and so the fun part started: sending! It was so cold on that day, never wore so many clothes at once 😀 One time I fell at the very end of the boulder, due to freezing fingers on the left crimp.
I was pretty upset because I really wanted to send it on that day. The result were 3 splits on my left hand. So I had to wait again for sending …

Caroline 7C+

Caroline 7C+