The worldcup season is nearly over now. After that worldcup we have a long break – the next one takes place in August in Munich. But during that break I will spendĀ one month in Rocklands and enjoy some outdoor climbing šŸ™‚

After a never ending flight with a lot of movies and food we finally arrived inĀ Denver. One hour by car and we got to Boulder, but only for one night and for a little training session the day after at the “Spot”. The Spot is a pretty huge gym, right next to “ABC Kids”. When you walk in there, you only recognise all the stickers at the holds which show you the boulders. It’s not common in Austria (or Europe?), so it needed some time again to get used to it.

the spot in Boulder

the spot in Boulder

After our little session we drove to Vail and spent there 1,5 days of massive relaxing on the pool and in our apartment. Due to our jet lag, we were pretty happy about those few days.


our baby car

our baby car

how to compost organic waste in the US...

how to compost organic waste in the US…










On Friday midday our qualification started. It was pretty hotĀ again, like in all of our worldcups until now. Because of the altitude we had a lot of troubles with the breathing, so we had to be economic with our attempts. After the qualification I did not expect to be in semis, because I had only 2 tops, and a bad feeling. When I saw the results I was really happy Ā šŸ™‚

qualification no 4 (c) Heiko Wilhelm

qualification no 4
(c) Heiko Wilhelm

The next day I felt really sore, especially on my back. The weather was slightly cooler than the day before, but it was still warm. Semis were even harder thanĀ the qualification on Friday, and I missed one top so close with falling 2 times on the last move.
At problem number one I had the fight of my life to reach the bonus hold – ANDĀ I reached it, but it did not help much for a better result šŸ˜› Ā The 3rd one was just too hard for everybody, no top on that one. The last boulderĀ was soooo cool! A side-jump and then a jump upwards. I really enjoyed that problem, although I was not able to stick the last few moves.

I am not that satisfied with my 12th place, but now I’m so looking forward to 1 month Rocklands with an awesome crew! Only 3 days at home and then our airplane will take off.

semifinal no 2 (c) Heiko Wilhelm

semifinal no 2
(c) Heiko Wilhelm


semifinal no. 4 (c) Mattias Hammar

semifinal no. 4
(c) Mattias Hammar