After a few days at home, we left to the next stage of the worldcup. This time in Navi Mumbai! They had the honour to host a worldcup for the first time.

When we arrived in Mumbai, we were badly surprised about the heat.. we were sweating, altough we were just standing around. That was weird haha


(c) Heiko Wilhelm

We had 2 days before the comp started. On Thursday we went on a market. Thank god we wore long trousers, because everyone would have stared at us much more with short pants. In India women should cover their ankles and shoulders. But with about 40 degrees it’s not that nice to wear long clothes.
I was pretty shocked about the whole situation here in Mumbai, the people are so poor, sleeping beside the streets or on/under cars. Everywhere is trash, and most time it stinks. Except you’re on a spice market! The spices smell really good! We went to a spice market on Friday and bought some curry and chilis. I guess we have enough for the next 10 years 😉










I love the indian curry ♥ but I had to take care, because my stomach was still a little bad from China.  Driving by tuktuk was so much fun, but also a little scary when the small tuktuk wiggles through the traffic and nearly escapes some accidents.

One day before the comp started, the warm-up wall was not finished.. during the technical meeting they were still constructing it. And even the competition wall was not totally finished on friday. BUT on saturday everything was ready for our qualification! The biggest disadvantage was, that the warm up wall was OUTDOORS. You can imagine how short and intense our warming up was – 30 min of climbing and then off to the qualification!


(c) Heiko Wilhelm














Qualification went pretty well for me, I flashed 3 boulders and got a bonus in all 5 blocs. After that I finished on 10th place.

The Semis on the next day did not went that well.. It was super hot, even hotter than the day before. It was pretty hard for me to hold the volumes, crimps and slopers. I did my best, but I am not that satisfied although I finished 13th – with only 2 bonus holds.


I’m so looking forward to next weeks comp in Innsbruck! Finally normal temperatures again!!!



(c) Heiko Wilhelm


(c) Heiko Wilhelm

(c) Heiko Wilhelm