WORLDCUP, Chongqing (CHN)


It took us over 12 hours of traveling from Tokyo to Chongqing… Time flew by, while sitting in the plane, running through the airport, sitting in the plane again and then 2 hours of bus driving during the rush hour to the official competition hotel.
The traffic situation in China is terrible. No rules, just driving as you want and everybody is honking.
I hated China as soon as I went out of the airport 😛 And I had some good reasons! First of all: the wifi did not work well in the hotel… it was pretty hard to upload pics or videos on insta or facebook and if it worked, it took hours. Second reason: the food. Some stuff looked really weird and not tasty, for example the worms in the supermarket!! And of course I ate something wrong 2 days before going home again.. yey.
3rd reason: My phone display broke due to a fall on the hotel floor 🙁 Poor phone, poor karo..

It was raining on Friday and the air was so humid, that we decided to stay in the hotel the whole day 😛

On Saturday afternoon the woman’s qualification started. It was incredibly hot, and the black mats were not the best choice of the officials.. They were so heated from the sun, that it was pretty uncomfortable to take a rest between the attempts because the toes began to hurt so much in the climbing shoes 🙁
I finished in 20th position, it was really close decision between semis or no-semis. In the evening I had to cut off my galaxy leggings to hotpans, due to the weather forecast for Sunday. They look pretty nice now! (They also looked nice before cutting the off ;-))

(c) Heiko Wilhelm

(c) Heiko Wilhelm

Semi-Sunday: I had the blast to start as number 1, and it was not that hot than the day before – what a fortune!
I made a quick flash on the slab, boulder no. 2 was a little to hard for me. The 3rd one was a real battle; every time I tried it, I got closer to the top. On my 3rd attempt I was finally able to grab the last hold, I couldn’t believe, that I made that hard move 😀
Number 4 was really a problem. A crimpy one. Normally I love crimps, but idk, it was a tough one.



After my Semi round I was placed long time in 1st position. I knew, that it will be my best WC result so far. But I did not expect to end up in 4th position! On the one hand I was super happy to climb my first worldcup finals, but on the other hand I did not know HOW to hold any holds. I had no skin left. My fingertips were white and sweaty. After some last minute skin caring I decided to put super glue on my fingers, for an additional layer. It worked perfectly! 🙂



(c) Heiko Wilhelm

(c) Heiko Wilhelm

The pain started at boulder no. 3 when I had to crimp a small hold. But I finished finals with no cut haha 😉
The boulders in the final were hard (for me?). The slab at the beginning reminded me on the semifinal slab in Munich 2015.. I had no chance to run to the bonus hahaha.
Well, 2nd one: cool but tough boulder with a tricky section at the bonus hold/volume. I fell one hold before the top
3rd one: Fell again 2 holds before reaching the top. But I am so proud of me that I reached the bonus hold! It was so hard to get there.
4th one: During observation we had no idea how to make the first move.. We had several options to try. In my last attempt I finally stuck the first move (yey haha), but I fell on the dyno.

I ended up in 5th position with 2 bonus in 5 tries 🙂

It was an awesome experience to compete in the finals, hope to climb there again soon 😉


NEXT STOP: Mumbai, 14./15. May


Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-03 um 09.32.43



HW-160502-boulder-worldcup-chongqing-0758 als Smartobjekt-1

boulder 1 in finals – running to the bonus hold (c) Heiko Wilhelm























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  1. Birgit

    You did really well, Austria is proud of you! 🙂
    I hope you will continue on that upward trajectoy. Congratulations!

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