On Wednesday we arrived totally jet lagged in Tokyo . My plan was to watch TV during the 9 hour flight to Bejing, BUT my TV did not work. Well, that was 9 long hours 🙁

When we checked in at the hotel, we got really really tiny rooms. With the 2 trolleys on the floor it’s nearly impossible to move in there. Same situation in the bathroom – one place to stay and 4 directions to look hahaha

On Thursday we had a small training session at a gym called „pump2“. I expected a huge gym and was pretty surprised when I realized, that it was a small one. But it does not mean, that small ones are bad ones! We did many slabs to make up our slab-deficit 😛




On Friday we headed to Kazo. But before we left Tokyo, we visited the ‚Meiji-Schrein‘. The building was amazing, the weather also – it was a very hot day. After spending some time at the Schrein we took a look at a wonderful garden next to the Schrein.

meiji schrein



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Meiji Jingu Inner Garden


For lunch we finally had SUSHI ♥ OMG. it tasted so incredibly good…


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The ride to Kazo took only 1 hour by train. The hotel room was as tiny as in Tokyo hahaha, but this time we had single rooms 😉

Saturday! Qualification day! Ladies in the morning, men in the afternoon. The boulders were so cool! I had a lot of fun while climbing and trying them. It felt much more like ‚real climbing‘ than in Meiringen the week before. I could top 3 out of 5 boulders, and I fell at the last move of boulder number 5. I was totally satisfied and already psyched for the semis on Sunday 🙂

The Semiround was a really tough one! One top in maximal 2 attempts were enough for a ticket to the finals, that was crazy! unfortunately I could not leave the tricky starting position on problem no. 3 :-/  Because this was the boulder, which could bring you into the finals. But I’m satisfied with my performance, let’s see what Chongqing brings!

We will spend some days in Tokyo again, until we will leave to China 🙂

(c) Heiko Wilhelm

(c) Heiko Wilhelm

Semifinals (c) Heiko Wilhelm

(c) Heiko Wilhelm

 (c) Heiko Wilhelm

(c) Heiko Wilhelm