On 5th and 6th April the Austrian Climbing Team incurred a long travel to Darmstadt to the gym called studio bloc, where some weeks ago the ‚blocmaster‘ took place. The participants at the comp were nearly all worldcup competitors – so it was an inofficial worldcup 😛

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The first impression was just: huge. H U G E ! I guess nobody has seen such a big gym before. With the wooden walls it looked a bit oldschool. But they felt if they were about 5 meters high? And the mats were really hard hahaha. On the second day I only climbed down, because my feet were so sore from jumping down the day before.


On Thursday we made a competition simulation on the final boulders, which were really long and sustained. Especially the slabs! I enjoyed the boulders a lot, it was cool to do some ‚colour’ boulders again. And it was, of course, also a good preparation for the upcoming worldcups.

On the second day we just climbed until we had no skin and power anymore 😉

The only thing, that could be better at the gym, is the campus area. It’s pretty small and looked like a emergency solution.

I think the whole team needs a little treatment at a physiotherapist’s. About 12 hours of driving for 2 days training are pretty much and everybody was so tensed up.

some super cozy and hipster-like sofas ;-)

some super cozy and hipster-like sofas 😉


campus area

campus area

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