On Saturday took the second (and last) austriacup of 2016 place. Destination: Bürs, Vorarlberg.

I visited the gym some weeks ago to test it, you can read my impressions here. At first I was a little anxious, because the mats were so hard and the walls pretty high, but the landings were surprinsigly OK. (In the finals I wished that they had softer mats… why? You will read that later)

The qualification was satisfying, the boulders were cool and I had a lot of fun. But it was really really hot due to a technical error of the ventilation system.

In the eveninig at 7:30 pm the finals finally started! The boulders were hard.. so hard, that some of us almost did not leave the mats hahaha
The second problem was one like that and also the 3rd. They reminded me on some circus stunts… But now I know what I have to train more often 😛
Katha Saurwein did a nice jump at problem number 3, you can find a short sequence here.

I nearly did a flash on problem number 4 – this flash would have secured the 2nd place. BUT I preferred to fall down at the mat with my face (especially my nose), because my left foot slipped away and I got a really weird momentum. If you want to see the video, you can find it here 😉


Well, the national comps are now over – the worldcups kick off on 16th and 17th April in Meiringen, Swiss. Really looking forward to the season. It’s always exciting when the 1st WC takes place, because nobody knows how hard the others trained and how strong they are. We will see 😉