Easter sunday, Karo since a week alone at home and amazing weather – blue sky as far as the eye can reach! Perfect conditions to spend the day outside, go bouldering and enjoy nature 🙂

Due to some unfinished business in Ötztal, the location was already selected. First stop was ’sherwood forest‘ – it always reminds me on the forests in bleau… After several tries I found a little trick in my project and could finally send it. A 15 move crimpy boulder with some compression-sloper moves at the end – „in bocca al lupo‘ 7C

in bocca al lupo 7C

in bocca al lupo 7C

Then I decided to train my weakness on a compression sloper arete. It had pretty powerful moves and I definitely have to come back and climb it!

mobby dick

My skin was already so fucked up after 3 hours of bouldering, but the next day will be a rest day, so I decided to keep on bouldering 😉 In the end I had 5 cuts and a lot of tape on my fingers haha

2016-03-27 16.44.44

20 Minutes of walking later, we arrived our next destination: Tumpen. It was my first time there and I have to admit, that it’s a really nice place! The river is beside the rocks and it felt like holiday when I sat in the sand, enjoyed the sun and looked at the water 🙂

2016-03-27 14.58.23

2016-03-27 16.53.19

The only boulder I tried there was „the drunken master“ 8A. A boulder, that is not totally my style, but I tried my best and there is only one move missing to link the whole boulder 🙂 Here is a link to a video of this boulder when Chris Rauch climbed it, start at 1:48 🙂
A crimpy and steep 7C+ called ‚Am Wasser gebaut‘ is still on my list, because it was senseless to try it without any skin and with so many tape on my fingers haha

The next day I felt so sore, especially in my legs due to all the hooks (I was hooking the whole time I think hahaha)

2016-03-27 20.35.26

the drunken master 8A – project

2016-03-27 20.41.04