I’m that kind of person, that carries mainly food and clothes to all boulder areas. People are already kidding about me and my tons of clothes (well, 2 down jackets, gloves, head band, cap, scarf and trousers, if it gets too cold in my leggings). But I rather have too much clothes with me, than to freeze at the rock 🙂

The most important part is – of course – the food ♥
All my snacks are gathered in a gymbag. I ALWAYS meal prep when I know, that I will spend the whole day (or even 2 days) outside. My meal prep consists of fish/chicken, lentils/rice/quinoa and tons of veggies. I hate eating only bread the whole day long, so it’s pretty important for me to have a healthy and filling meal 🙂
For my sweet carvings I take some dates, a banana and a muesli bar with me. Sometimes I also pack my beloved curd with apple sauce and nuts into my gymbag.
This time I found some super delicious brown bread in the supermarket and decided to make an avocado-cheese and avocado-ham bread 😉
And of course some tea, for the little breaks in between my tries 😉

What’s in your boulder bag? Are you also as organized as me or do you just buy some bread rolls and cookies in the shop before you go bouldering? hahaha

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