Beautiful weather here in Austria! Spring is finally here and I took the opportunity to climb in a pretty new area calles „the land of giants“ in Ötztal. I guess they choose that name, because there are so high and huge blocs in the forest 🙂

2016-03-19 12.03.57

I didn’t look for any boulders to climb for in advance, i just wanted to climb some rock. First we did some nice warming up in the sun, then we continued on a cold and shady roof with pretty sharp crimps. Our skins were not so amused.. I got 2 cuts – yey

After climbing a 7B (it’s 7B when you are taller than 180 cm, for me it was like 7C or so) I tried to figure out the last move of a 7C+ aside, but I just could not find a solution.
I decided to join the others at another nice 7C+ and could send that one with a few tries after I found out how to put my feet. Here is the video 🙂

With no skin left, our last stop was an area called „sherwood forest“ – the holds are NOT sharp, so you can easily climb there when there is no skin left (Y) I tried a few times a cool boulder calles „in bocca al lupo“, but then I had no power left to accomplish that one. BUT I will be back soon 😉


'moss peins' 7B

‚moss peins‘ 7B all following pics are by


'mother of fog' 7B

‚mother of fog‘ 7B


'fuckface' 7C+

‚fuckface‘ 7C+