Yesterday after lunch I took the train to Rankweil (Vorarlberg, Austria) to take a look at the new gym called „Steinblock„, which had its big opening party yesterday. I was pretty overwhelmed how many people (and kids) were there. The gym has 2 floors and a little campus board, wooden-stick board, a moon board and even some space for kids only. I really liked the atmosphere in there, it’s comfy 🙂

2016-03-05 17.36.31

The hardest boulders are black, then lila, pink, etc. so you can easily find the boulders that fit your strength. And the holds are really really cool, because they are so big!! So only because of the holds the gym is worth a visit 😉

campus and wooden-stick board

campus and wooden-stick board

Every 3 weeks the whole gym gets new boulder problems, so there’s a lot to do! You can climb from 9am to 11pm.

FullSizeRender 5 16.26.05

the „moon board“ on the right side

FullSizeRender 3 16.26.05

oh, well, me.















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Today I visited another pretty new gym, the „Klimmerei„. A comp will take place there on 2nd April, so I took the opportunity to climb there (while I’m at Vorarlberg).
Well, the gym is soooo huge! It has also 2 floors and a amazing campus board. It’s the biggest i’ve ever seen… BUT the system with the mats is not my style. There are about 8 big (and heavy) mats on the (soft) floor, and you have to put them on the right positions – so like bouldering outside. For me personally, it was pretty annoying. If I am at a gym, I don’t want to think about it where to place the mats to fall on them. But thank god, everybody has different tastes 🙂

The gym opens at 10am, but if you check in online on their homepage or already have a card, you can get in there at already 8am. We had the gym for our own today at 8am 😀

I really enjoyed this weekend 🙂 my skin too, it decided to stay in Vorarlberg 😉

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